Stay True To Your Roots

Anders Nordlow

Known for his unique tricks, and ability to think outside the box.  His skating innovates other skateboarders to try some of the outrageous stunts he's able to pull off.  Like dark sliding down stairs, ledges for example.  Or even better his famous tire rides.  GO check him out on IG. @ayenordlow  



ian Pruet

This is a badass street skater right here. The most humblest guy YOU'LL ever meet too. he has skated all across the world.  He is a true soul skater that does amazing lines and tricks.  His style is amazing you have to watch some clips asap!  


Brandon Manzanares 

Heres another legend in the making, this dude knows how to have fun on a skateboard.  He’s also was known as a pretty legit filmier back in the days.  Now he just enjoys filming his self and other fellow skaters that vibe out with him.  He loves skating curbs and getting tech.